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Our Services

Our Service Charter

Our Service Charter details who we are, what we do and the standards we aim to meet in delivering our services to you.


Records & Archives are part of the Governance area of the University, within the Legal and Compliance section, in the Division of Enterprise.

What we do

Records & Archives provide the framework, expertise, support and tools to enable UNSW staff to manage University records and information assets.

This document

This Charter sets out the services we provide and the standards we aim to maintain in delivering them.

Our responsibilities

Our service

Our principles

Service standards

We will respond to your query within 1 working day and to your urgent query within 4 business hours.

We will provide access to the RAMS system for all University staff within 1 working day.

How you can help us

Tell us how we’re doing. Your feedback, both positive and negative, helps us to improve.

You can contact us at,, by phone at 52876, or speak to the staff member you've been dealing with.