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Oral History

Oral History Tapes & Interviews, 2004
(Photographer: Katie Bird)

Since its establishment in 1980 the Archives has conducted an Oral History Program which has collected valuable research data through surveys and interviews conducted with past and present members of the university.

Surveys have explored the student experience in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s as well as the experiences of women academics at UNSW. Lists of survey respondents are available on the Surveys page.

Our collection also contains a large number of interview recordings. While many of the interviews have been conducted within the Oral History Program, others have been deposited with the Archives. Listings of the interviews are arranged alphabetically by surname and are available at the Oral History A - K Interviews or Oral History L - Z Interviews pages. Also available is a list of the Excellence in Government Service Project interviewees - an interviewing project conducted with senior managers in the civil and military services of the UK and US administrations - as these recordings have been donated to the Archives.

Funding by the U Committee has enabled the Archives to undertake a number of interview projects. Special projects have included topics like "UNSW and Business 1980 - 2000", "UNSW Women in Science", "UNSW Emeriti: Research and Teaching Experiences within the Australian Tertiary Education System" and "UNSW Senior Staff: Adapting to Change - UNSW from the 1980s".

Some interviews and surveys currently have access restrictions in place. Access restrictions vary, for further information please contact the Archives.