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Excellence in Government Service Interviews

The Excellence in Government Service Project consists of twenty four audio cassette recordings of interviews that were conducted by senior federal public servant M. A. Cranswick in 1986. This project was undertaken in an attempt to expand on the research accomplished by Thomas J. Peters & Robert H. Waterman in their work "In Search of Excellence" and move beyond the private sector. This resulted in the interviewing of a number of senior managers in the civil and military services of the UK and US administrations. Interviewees were asked to talk about the notion of "excellence in government service" based on their own experiences. Although a journal or book was planned, this did not eventuate and so the interviews have never been published in any form. The audio recordings were donated to UNSW Archives by his son, Guy Cranswick.

A list of the interviewees appears below. The interviews are available for researchers to access in audio format only, as the interviews have not been transcribed. As other access conditions do apply, please contact the Archives for further information.

Interviewee Name
Interviewee's Position At Time of Interview
Date of Interview
Archives Reference
Mark A. Abramson Director, the Centre for Excellence in Government (US) 21 July 1986 08/243/7B
William J. Anderson Director, General Government Division US General Accounting Office 10 July 1986 08/243/2A
Hon Richard L. Armitage Assistant Secretary, International Security Affairs, Department of Defence (US) 25 July 1986 08/243/12A
Nicholas Baring Chairman, City Capital Markets Committee (UK) 10 October 1986 08/243/22B
Rear Admiral D. B. Bathurst Director-General, Naval Manpower & Training (UK) 2 October 1986 08/243/18A
M. C. Blair Under-Secretary, Head of the Courts & Legal Services Group, Lord Chancellor's Department (UK) 2 October 1986 08/243/18B
Norman A. Carlson Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons (US) 15 July 1986 08/243/4A
Diane E. Clark Executive Director, Treasury Executive Institute (US) 14 July 1986 08/243/1B
Susan M. Collins Staff Director, Senate Sub-Committee on Governmental Affairs (US) 10 July 1986 08/243/2B
Dr James Colvard Deputy Director-Designate, US Office of Personnel Management 11 July 1986 08/243/3A
D. A. Dawkins Associate Director, Operations & Services, Bank of England (UK) 7 October 1986 08/243/22A
Carol Dineen Associate Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget (US) 23 July 1986 08/243/10B
J. M. Goose Assistant Secretary, Criminal Division, Home Office (UK) 8 October 1986 08/243/23A
N. B. J. Gurney Civil Service Commissioner (UK) 3 October 1986 08/243/19B
R. M. Hastie-Smith CB Deputy Under Secretary of State (Civilian Management), Ministry of Defence (UK) 1 October 1986 08/243/13B
G. A. Hosker Deputy Treasury Solicitor, Treasury Solicitor's Office (UK) 7 October 1986 08/243/21B
J. Hutton Senior Course Tutor, Henley - The Management College (UK) 24 September 1986 08/243/14B
Kate Jenkins Under-Secretary, Head of the Efficiency Unit, The Cabinet Office (UK) 30 September 1986 08/243/16B
Professor Robert A. Leone Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (US) 13 August 1986 08/243/12B
Professor A. Leo Levin Director, Federal Judicial Centre (US) 21 July 1986 08/243/8A
Peter G. McCabe Assistant Director Programs, Administrative Office of the US Courts 16 July 1986 08/243/5A
Tony McCann Assistant Secretary for Management & Budget, Department of Health & Human Services (US) 9 July 1986 08/243/1A
Robert S. McNamara Secretary of Defence (US) 24 July 1986 08/243/11A
S. C. T. Matheson Director of Information Technology, Board of Inland Revenue (UK) 6 October 1986 08/243/20B
James H. Mills, Jr Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Surface Warfare, The Pentagon (US) 22 July 1986 08/243/9A
Stanley E. Morris Director, US Marshals Service 17 July 1986 08/243/6A
Anne Mueller CB Second Permanent Secretary, Management and Personnel Office, The Cabinet Office (UK) 1 October 1986 08/243/14A
Isabel M. Nisbet Deputy Director, Top Management Programme and Policy Planning Manager, Civil Service College (UK) 8 October 1986 08/243/24A
S. M. Orchard Administrator, Royal Courts of Justice (UK) 29 September 1986 08/243/15A
David Owen Public Relations and Investor Relations Manager, Royal Ordinance Factories (UK) 6 October 1986 08/243/20A
Dr Rudolph G. Penner Director, Congressional Budget Office (US) 23 July 1986 08/243/10A
Air Vice Marshal M. J. Pilkington CBE, RAF Director of Training, Royal Air Force (UK) 30 September 1986 08/243/17A
C. Ramsden Principal, Training Division, Management & Personnel Office (UK) 8 October 1986 08/243/23B
Oliver B. Revell Executive Assistant Director Investigations, Federal Bureau of Investigations (US) 22 July 1986 08/243/8B
Sue Richards Research Fellow, Institute of Public Sector Management, London Business School (UK) 29 September 1986 08/243/15B
Elliot L. Richardson Lawyer (formerly Attorney-General, Secretary Health Education Welfare, Secretary of Defence, Secretary of Commerce (US)) 24 July 1986 08/243/11B
Vice Admiral James A Sagerholm (ret) Chairman, Chief of Naval Operations Commission on Personal Excellence and National Security (US) 17 July 1986 08/243/6B
W. L. St Clair Assistant Secretary, Joint Management Unit, Management & Personnel Office (UK) 6 October 1986 08/243/21A
D. P. Savill Deputy Secretary, British Telecom (UK) 9 October 1986 08/243/24B
Major General K. Spacie OBE Director of Army Training (UK) 30 September 1986 08/243/17B
Roger L. Sperry Senior GAO Consultant, Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs (US) 18 July 1986 08/243/7A
Ronald I Spiers Under-Secretary for Management, Department of State (US) 15 July 1986 08/243/4B
Robert A. Stone Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations), The Pentagon (US) 14 July 1986 08/243/3B
T. C. L. Taylor Joint Deputy Principal, Henley - The Management College (UK) 24 September 1986 08/243/13A
D. J. Trevelyan CB First Civil Service Commissioner, Civil Service Commission (UK) 3 October 1986 08/243/19A
Lieutenant General D. A. Vesser Director (Plans & Policy), The Pentagon (US) 24 July 1986 08/243/9B
W. Lawrence Wallace Assistant Attorney-General for Administration, Department of Justice (US) 16 July 1986 08/243/5B
John Wybrew Policy Unit, The Prime Minister's Office (UK) 30 September 1986 08/243/16A