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Recordkeeping Legislation

The following NSW legislation establishes the key framework for recordkeeping at UNSW:

State Records Act 1998

The State Records Act commenced on 1 January 1999 and replaced the 1960 Archives Act. Under the Act the jurisdiction of the State Records Authority was broadened to cover universities. A significant impact on universities arising from the Act is the requirement to comply with standards issued by the State Records Authority and to follow their principles.

State Records Regulation 2015

The State Records Regulation 2015 commenced on 1 September 2015. It prescribes guidelines as to what constitutes normal administrative practice; prescribes a number of public offices for the purpose of exempting their collections of private records from the Act; and updates the list of other legislation authorising the disposal or alteration of State records.

Other Legislation

The following legislation also forms part of our recordkeeping responsibilities at UNSW: