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Policies & Legislation


The University is subject to the New South Wales State Records Act 1998.  The Act requires public offices, which include universities, to 'make and keep full and accurate records' of their activities and to 'establish and maintain a records management program' in conformity with standards and codes of best practice.

In order to fulfil its recordkeeping responsibilities UNSW has developed policies that support and assist staff to create adequate records and to maintain these records for as long as required in appropriate recordkeeping systems. These policies also ensure that records that are of permanent value to UNSW will eventually be kept in the University Archives.


The University's primary policy in relation to recordkeeping, which outlines the essential requirements for recordkeeping at UNSW, is the UNSW Recordkeeping Policy.

This policy is supported by UNSW Recordkeeping Strategic Plan, the recordkeeping procedures for the University and a number of other records related policies.


UNSW's recordkeeping responsibilities are primarily defined by the State Records Act 1998 and State Records Regulation 2005.

Other legislation also imposes recordkeeping obligations on the University.