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How to Register Documents

How to add a document to the Recordkeeping system
Registering Complaints
Registering Contracts

How to add a document to the Recordkeeping system

Documents to be filed should be forwarded to the appropriate office (ie Records, Human Resources or Student Administration) for attachment to, or creation of, a university file.

If you already have the correct administrative file with you then you may attach the document to it, taking care to attach the document in the correct chronological sequence by the date of the document.

If the document is electronic (eg email, word or excel files), a printed and authenticated version should be attached or forwarded. See the Electronic Recordkeeping page for further information on electronic recordkeeping at UNSW.

Email, when printed for attachment, should include the following details:

Electronic documents printed for attachment to University records may be authenticated by being signed and dated by the author or recipient.

All items of substantive business should be attached to relevant records immediately upon creation or receipt, or as soon as possible thereafter (except those records that are added under standard operating procedures to another recordkeeping system, for example, PeopleSoft applications).

Certain records, such as Council and Academic Board minutes and agenda papers, are managed solely by Chancellery staff to ensure that recordkeeping requirements in relation to these documents are met.

If you are the creator or custodian of a group of records and you think they could be better managed, please contact Records & Archives on 9385 2876.


In order to meet the best practice guidelines for complaint records laid down by the NSW Ombudsman, it is necessary for UNSW to maintain a central recordkeeping system for records of complaints.

Complaints must be registered into the TRIM Recordkeeping system.

This can be done by using the Online File Request Form provided.

If you require further assistance registering Complaints, please contact the Records Office.


It is necessary to maintain a central recordkeeping system for records of contracts, as suggested by the Auditor-General in his 2006 Audit Report of UNSW.

This means any contract entered into on behalf of UNSW must be registered centrally.

There are three methods by which to create a registered contract file:

  1. Client sends original Contract to Records Office
  2. Client sends copy of Contract to Records Office.
  3. Client completes Online File Request Form.

If you require further assistance registering your Contract, please contact the Records Office.

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