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This webpage covers some of the events and items of historical interest that occurred at the University of New South Wales from the 2010s.

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Meeting to form the Alumni Association, held in the Science Hall, 1967.
(UNSW Archives CN486/2/17)

In November 2010 UNSW's Alumni Association was dissolved. The Alumni Association had been formed at a meeting of graduates on 6 December 1967, where an Interim Committee was appointed and in July 1968 the first Board of the Association was elected. As part of UNSW's new alumni strategy, in December 2010 a new UNSW Alumni Advisory Committee began operations.


Road between Basser and Goldstein Colleges, 1964.
 (Photographer: Max Dupain, UNSW Archives CN945/19)
Redevelopment work on the Kensington Colleges site, 2013.

In December 2011 construction began on the redevelopment of the Kensington Colleges site with a scheduled completion date for 2014. Basser, Goldstein and Philip Baxter colleges will all be rebuilt, along with two new residential facilities. Basser College, opened in 1959, was UNSW's first college and the first secular residential college to be built on an Australian campus.

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Vice-Chancellor John Niland, Registrar Crystal Condous and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Jane Morrison at the launch of UNSW's first Environment Policy, 1995.
(University Photographer, UNSW Archives 00A96/7)

In February 2012 a new version of UNSW's Environment Policy was approved with the purpose "to express UNSW's commitment to environmental sustainability". UNSW's Environment Policy was first approved in February 1995 and officially launched at a ceremony on the Library Lawn on 3 April 1995.


House at Pooh Corner, 1970.
(Photographer: Max Dupain, UNSW Archives CN1127/3)

In February 2013 UNSW's latest childcare centre, Owl's House, commenced operations. The first child care facility at UNSW, House at Pooh Corner, opened on 19 July 1969. Despite fears that its mid-year opening would hamper interest, House at Pooh Corner was quickly filled to capacity and a waiting list established. Run by the Students' Union, students were given first priority to the centre's places. House at Pooh Corner was followed by the opening of Kanga's House in 1981 and, in 1995, Tigger's Place and the Honeypot. In 2010 Tigger's Place and the Honeypot were amalgamated to form Tigger's Honeypot.

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