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Donation of Records

We would like to hear from you if you are leaving UNSW and have personal papers or other records relating to your time here or can help us document any part of the story of the university and its community.

Family members of those who have been in any way associated with the university may also like to contact the Archives about depositing private records, photographs and other memorabilia they have inherited.

If you are considering the donation of private records including the papers of individuals and/or of organisations associated with UNSW you are invited to contact the Archives to discuss the matter. In our Acquisition Guideline [pdf] you will find out more about the type of material we seek to collect or see our Information Sheet on the Transfer of UNSW Clubs and Societies' Records.

Who's Who in the Property Department?

Can you help us identify two caricatures?

From the 1950s until 1973 C. S. (Jim) Smith worked as a custodian/electrician at the university.  During this time he drew a large number of sketches of university employees, mainly men who were employed in the various sections of the Property Department, but also some who worked in the university administration.  The sketches were all drawn before his retirement, so they generally consist of men who were employed at the university in the 1950s and 1960s.

The caricatures are all on display in the C. S. (Jim) Smith Caricatures Exhibition.  Unfortunately two of the caricatures, displayed below, have not been fully identified. 

Can you help us by providing the names of the men depicted in the caricatures?  The gardener on the left is known only as Luis, while we do not have any details about the carpenter on the right.  Please contact the Archives if you can identify either caricature.

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Who's Who at the 1960 Graduation Ceremony?

Can you help us identify the 1960 School of Accountancy graduates?

On Wednesday 27th April, 1960 the Faculties of Commerce and Engineering held a joint graduation ceremony. At the ceremony, six men graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the School of Accountancy - Raymond George Bell, Reginald Joseph Berntsen, Barry John Farrell, Donald Maurice Middleton, Graham Leslie Phillis and Phillip Steven Rowe.

The following photograph was taken of the six graduates with their testamurs.  Can you help us match the graduates' names to their faces?  Please contact the Archives if you can identify any of the graduates.
School of Accountancy graduates, 27th April 1960
(Photographer: Unknown, UNSW Archives CN486/2/15)

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Who's Who in the AIF?

The Archives have been informed that Cobden Parkes is located second from the left in the back row of the photograph.

"Cob & mates"

Dr Cobden Parkes (1892 - 1978) was a former mace-bearer of the university and, as the NSW Government Architect from 1935 - 1958, assisted in the design of the early Kensington campus.  He was awarded an honorary doctorate of science by the university on 19 April, 1958.

Dr Parkes is pictured below during his time as a soldier in World War I.  He enlisted on 27 August, 1914 and left Australia on 18 October, 1914, where he served overseas in the 1st Battalion AIF for 14 months and was part of the 25 April, 1915 advance on Gallipoli.  Initially a Private, in June 1915 Parkes was promoted to a Corporal and Lance Sergeant and in August 1915 to a Second Lieutenant.  Wounded in Gallipoli, Parkes was discharged on medical grounds and returned to Australia in November 1915.  In February 1918, after two years of home service, Parkes re-enlisted and proceeded overseas again where in September he was promoted to Lieutenant.  He returned to civilian life after the end of the war.

This photograph was discovered inside a book at the 2005 UNSW Book Fair.  On the back of the photo is written "Cobden Parkes - Cob & mates".  Can you help us identify Cobden Parkes and his friends in the photograph?  Please contact the Archives if you know who the people in the photograph are.
Cobden Parkes & Friends
(Photographer: Unknown, UNSW Archives 05/86)

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Who's Who at the 1967 U Ball?

A Noteworthy Occasion

In June, 2004 it has been 40 years since the U Committee arranged its first major fund raising event: the U Ball. The Committee, a group of friends of the University, was originally established in 1963 to organise the U Ball to raise money to contribute to a fund for two International Houses to be built, one at the University of New South Wales and the other at the University of Sydney. Now over 40 years later the U Committee is still going strong and since its inception has raised over $2,000,000 for many projects and activities on campus that otherwise may not have been funded.

The aim of the first U Ball was not only to raise money but also to attract favourable attention to the university. Altogether nine balls were held over thirteen years. Throughout the sixties the balls were held with some pomp and ceremony. They began with a guard of honour and ceremonial music before the official guests arrived and debutantes were presented.

The University Archives holds a photograph taken at the ball in 1967. On the right is the Chancellor Sir John Clancy with Lady Clancy to his right greeting an official guest. Can you help us identify the remaining guests? Please contact the Archives if you know who the other people in the photograph are.
U Ball, 1967 
(Photographer: Allan West, UNSW Archives CN486/1/2A)

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Who's Who in the Faculty of Technology?

Can you help us identify who is who in this photograph of the first meeting of the Faculty of Technology in the Conference Room, Main Building Kensington, in 1956?

Seated in the front row of the photograph we have identified from left to right F. H. Reuter, M. Chaikin, J. P. Baxter, C. J. Milner, G. L. Macauley(?), D. W. Phillips, ?, R. H. Myers; but who are the others?

Please contact the Archives if you know who the other people in the photograph are.
First meeting of the Faculty of Technology June 29, 1956 
(Photographer: Unknown, UNSW Archives CN944/102)

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