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How To Prepare For RAMS

Tip! Use your Shortcuts + Trays + Documents Checked Out icon. If you see any records in the "Documents Checked Out" tray, right-mouse-click each one and select "Check-In". If you need help or have any issues with this, please log a call with the IT Service Desk.

RAMS Installation Process

Existing TRIM users at UNSW Sydney sites

Log off of your account (but leave your computer switched on) at the end of the day on Friday, 16 February 2018.

Over the weekend 17-18 February, RAMS will be installed. All existing TRIM user profiles will be carried over to RAMS, meaning you will be able to access RAMS on Monday morning.

UNSW Canberra users

RAMS will be installed manually by IT from Monday 19th February.

New users

Submit a service request through the IT Service Desk to have RAMS installed and a user profile account created.

How To Set Up RAMS

Once RAMS has been installed, you will need to follow the Start Up Guide the first time you open RAMS, to ensure your RAMS is configured correctly.
Web users should follow the RAMS Web Client Start Up Guide.

How To Access RAMS On An Apple Macbook or iMac

RAMS is available for non-SOE users through a web client. To access the web client, you will need to have a valid RAMS user account. The address of the web client will be made available after the upgrade.

How To Get Started Using RAMS?

The RAMS Quick Start Guide presents the new RAMS interface, showing the buttons available in each group on the new ribbon.