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Project RAMS

RAMS will go live from 19 February 2018

For further information about the installation process and how to get started using RAMS, please see our How To and Training pages.

Project RAMS will migrate the University's existing TRIM corporate recordkeeping system to a cloud-based service, updating the desktop and web clients, delivering improved functionality and full integration with Office 365.
This updated application is known as RAMS (Records & Archives Management System).
RAMS will be implemented in February 2018 for all existing TRIM users.
If you are an existing TRIM user, you will be receiving access to online e-learning modules in late January to assist with the transition to the updated system alongside detailed information on the process.
Following the conclusion of Project RAMS, the application will be progressively made available across the University to better enable all staff to safely capture, store and management records of their activities and to better realise these significant University information assets.

Find out more about how RAMS can support your work by accessing our RAMS brochure:

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