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Systems of Record

Systems of record

For all staff:

University records must be captured to a system of record.

These systems have been evaluated for their suitability for the capture and management of University records.

They include transactional systems such as PiMS, SiMS, NewSouth Financials and the University’s recordkeeping system, RAMS.

They do not include your email account, network drives, or cloud-based network drive providers (e.g.; Dropbox, Google Drive.)

Email and network drives provide a convenient, quick solution to storing draft documents, to communicating and collaborating with colleagues, and to managing workflow but they are not suitable for the storage of University records. Records held in network drives and email accounts are:

If you are storing copies of records in these systems, you must capture an original record to RAMS or an alternative system of record. It is a requirement of all employees of the University that records of your activities are made and kept.

For business system owners:

The following list details the current systems of record at UNSW. If you think your system should appear here, or if you are unsure if the system you are using meets the requirements for capturing and managing records, please contact Records & Archives for assistance. 
If you are a business system owner, you can complete this template to start assessing the system's suitability to capture and manage University records. 

UNSW Systems of Record:

Business System Records of:
PiMS Human Resources and payroll
SiMS Student administration
Insight CRM Student interaction and recruitment
RAMS All University activities
InfoEd Research administration
NS Financials Financial administration
AIMS Academic curriculum approval
Syllabus Plus Academic timetabling

Research Data

Research Data is supported by systems such as the Data Archive and ResData, and governed by the requirements of the University's Research Code of Conduct. You can find further information on managing your research data on the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure) website.

Requirements for a System of Record

A UNSW system of record must:

Purchasing or developing new systems

It is imperative that recordkeeping requirements are addressed as part of the acquisition process of any new business system intended to capture and store University records and that this process is recorded. Please contact Records & Archives for assistance.

High value and high risk records

The University is required to identify and document its high risk and high value records and information, and the systems that manage them.

High value and high risk records are one (or more) of the following:

High risk high value records Register

Refer here for the current register of High risk high value records.

If you are able to contribute to this list, or feel that information has been omitted or unnecessarily included, please contact Records & Archives.