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Introduction to Recordkeeping at UNSW

UNSW staff should be aware of three recordkeeping principles. These provide an introduction to recordkeeping at UNSW.

1. All records are valuable assets of the University (but some are more valuable than others.)

A record can be any document made or received as part of your work. The University owns all records created and received by its employees. These records provide the evidence of what was done or decided and together, they form a vital University asset:

2. Records must be captured to an appropriate business system by you.

If you are using a certified business system, there is no need for further action. If you are not, you need to capture a record of your work to a system such as RAMS. If you manage a business system you feel should be certified, please contact Records & Archives.

3. RAMS is the corporate recordkeeping system available to all staff

RAMS (Records and Archives Management System) is the University's corporate recordkeeping system, available to all University staff for the capture and management of all University records not already held in official University business systems.

You can find out more about RAMS and how to install it, here.