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Paper Records

If you have paper records in your business area, then action is required.

If these are legacy paper records no longer in use by your unit, they can be appraised and removed in one of three ways (see ‘Deciding how to proceed’.)

If you are still creating and retaining paper records, it is likely the process can be migrated to a digital one. The University provides a recordkeeping system, RAMS, for all staff and their records. RAMS is supported by the Records & Archives unit who can assist in transitioning your business process to digital, and removing your existing paper records.

In all instances, it is necessary to:

1. Identify and evaluate the records to take whatever action is necessary (Appraisal)

2. Confirm these activities are now recorded digitally.

Deciding how to proceed

Once records have been appraised:
1. You may be able to scan them, capture them to an appropriate business system (such as RAMS) and destroy the source paper records.


2. You may be able to send them to offsite storage and capture a record of their contents to an appropriate business system (such as RAMS) to enable you to find and retrieve them should they be required. This leaves a zero-footprint managed solution until the records are no longer required and can be destroyed.


3. You may be able to destroy them immediately if there is no value to the University in retaining them and no requirement that we do so.

There are few, if any, reasons for a current business process to require paper records.

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