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What are my responsibilities as a UNSW Staff member?

All staff at the University are required, by the NSW State Records Act, 1998 and by the University’s Recordkeeping Policy, to make and keep full and accurate records of their activities.

A record:            
What are my responsibilities as a UNSW Supervisor/Manager?

All managers have an additional responsibility to identify the records that document their Unit’s activities and to ensure staff within their Unit are aware of their recordkeeping responsibilities and how to meet them.

This NSW State Records' online module Recordkeeping and you provides an overview of recordkeeping and these additional responsibilities.

What are my responsibilities as a UNSW Business System owner?
All business system owners are responsible for the capture, storage and any subsequent migration or disposal of records captured to the system.
How can I meet these responsibilities?

By capturing records to an appropriate business system. These are transactional enterprise business systems such as NewSouth Financials, PiMS, SiMS, or the University’s corporate recordkeeping system, RAMS.

Records in email folders, network drives, cloud-based network drives (OneDrive, Dropbox) do not meet the requirements of a record.

These records are not discoverable across the organisation, they have not been organised in a manner that realises their value and they are not protected from deletion or alteration, undermining their evidentiary value.

Hardcopy records may be digitally imaged and captured in RAMS. This image must be of sufficient resolution and quality to capture the content and context of the original record without distortion.

If you are unsure if the business system you are using meets the requirements for capturing and managing records, please contact Records & Archives who can assist.

When can I destroy records?
All records have a minimum required legal period for which they must be retained. These periods are defined under the NSW State Records Act and administered by Records & Archives staff. If you hold records that are (or may reasonably anticipated to be) the subject of legal proceedings, these must not be destroyed.

If you hold records that you wish to destroy, please contact Records & Archives before proceeding.