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Staff Responsibilities

All records created at UNSW must be kept in accordance with the State Records Act, notably:

Each public office must make and keep full and accurate records of the activities of the office.*

Records created by NSW public sector organisations, including UNSW, must only be disposed of where authorised.

Recordkeeping obligations

UNSW units which do not use the TRIM Recordkeeping system still have an obligation to:

  • Decide whether or not the transaction being undertaken needs to be documented and if so, make records to support the conduct of UNSW business activities.
  • Create records that may be needed to document activities which do not by themselves result in the creation of records (eg meetings, telephone discussions, conferences and oral decisions)
  • Commit records into either paper or electronic recordkeeping systems
  • Learn how and where records are kept at UNSW.
  • Destroy University records only in accordance with approved State Records General Disposal Authorities
  • Protect records against unauthorised use
  • Safeguard records against loss.

Recordkeeping Systems

All UNSW units not using the TRIM Recordkeeping system are advised to adopt UNSW Business classification scheme to classify records.

Records and Archives Office staff can assist you in the identification and implementation of a suitable recordkeeping system, which will enable your unit to follow best practice in recordkeeping.