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Student Recordkeeping

The UNSW Recordkeeping Policy states that, "recordkeeping is... an essential role of all employees."

It requires that, "the University's business is adequately documented through the generation and capture of records, that those records are managed in accordance with best practice and that they are disposed of in an orderly and accountable way."

UNSW staff are required both under the University's Recordkeeping Policy, and by the requirements of the NSW State Records Act, 1998, to make and keep full and accurate records of their activities.

UNSW Recordkeeping Policy:

NSW State Records Act, 1998

In the context of student management, this extends to all records that support decisions made in regards to a student, or which form the basis for an action performed on behalf of a student.

These records must be captured to an appropriate recordkeeping system and only disposed of in accordance with the approval of the Records Manager, UNSW Records and Archives Office.

The procedure for the disposal of records:

The School Records Disposal Guide provides guidance to University staff on the minimum retention requirements and appropriate course of action when appraising records commonly found at School level. This includes those records related to the management of students from application to graduation (or discontinuation) and the academic programs provided by the University.

The Guide can be located here:

Further advice on recordkeeping is available from the UNSW Records and Archives Office: