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What are Records?

What is a record?

A record is any document made or received as part of your work that provides evidence of action.
The University owns all records created and received by its employees. These records provide the evidence of what was done or decided and together, they form a vital University asset.

What is an archive?

An archive is a record we have committed to keeping forever for its cultural, historical and/or evidentiary value. This may be for legislative requirements or it may be based on the University’s own requirements.

The University Archives is where these materials are stored and maintained by our archivists.

Which records do I need to keep?

You need to make and keep records of your work at the University and ensure these records are captured to an appropriate business system. Appropriate systems will manage the records in the right conditions for the right period of time for you.

Records that are ephemeral in nature, such as drafts, copies, may be destroyed without the need for authorisation under the terms of NAP (Normal Administrative Practice.)
You can find more information on NAP and the processes for destroying records here.

What are my responsibilities?

How can I meet these responsibilities?

By completing the Introduction to Recordkeeping at UNSW, by using appropriate business systems to capture and manage records, and by making yourself familiar with the requirements for the appraisal of records.

Please contact Records & Archives for any assistance in managing your records.

How can I find out more?

The Introduction to Recordkeeping at UNSW can be located here, all staff are asked to complete it.

Please contact Records & Archives for assistance in all aspects of recordkeeping.