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Common Issues

I have had Office 365 installed on my computer and I am receiving error messages when I open Word 2016, Excel 2016, or Powerpoint 2016.

Integration between TRIM 7.33 (our current version) and Office 365 will be completed in November 2017 as part of Project RAMS.

Currently TRIM 7.33 is integrated with:

  • Word 2010

  • Excel 2010

  • Powerpoint 2010

  • Outlook 2010 & 2016

This integration allows users to save their documents in TRIM from within Word/Excel/Powerpoint without saving them on their computer or network drive first, by accessing the 'File' menu, then clicking 'Save As' (or, in the case of Outlook, through the Add-Ins toolbar).

If you do not want to receive these error messages when using the 2016 versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint you can disable the integration between these programs and TRIM:

In TRIM, access the 'Tools' Menu, then select 'Desktop Add-Ins'. Untick the boxes next to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and click 'OK'. Please note this will disable the TRIM integration with BOTH the 2010 and 2016 versions of each Microsoft program. You will have no error notifications but also no integration. You will still be able to 'drag and drop' files into TRIM but you will need to save them to your computer or network drive first.

My computer has Windows 10 installed and now I can't drag and drop files into TRIM to register them.

TRIM 7.3 has a compatibility issue with Windows 10 that causes an error when 'dragging and dropping' a document onto the TRIM workspace. This issue is expected to be resolved in November 2017 when the University's recordkeeping software is upgraded.

Users can still right click on the file in its location on their computer, move their mouse to hover over "Send to" to expand the menu, and left click on "TRIM".

This method can be used to send multiple documents by selecting all of the desired files prior to right clicking.

TRIM is not on my machine

If you are in an area that has had TRIM deployed, but TRIM has not been installed on your PC or Laptop, please contact the IT ServiceDesk. You will need to provide your PC/Laptop name.

If TRIM has been installed but you are having difficulties accessing it, contact the Records and Archives Office.

I've lost my TRIM Toolbar in Outlook

This can caused by 2 issues: Outlook has disabled TRIM, or the TRIM integration is no longer recognised.

In Outlook, open the Help->Disabled Items menu. If there is a TRIM option in the list, select it and click Enable. Re-start Outlook.

If this does not work, open the Tools->Desktop Add-Ins menu in TRIM. Un-tick and re-tick the Microsoft Outlook box. Close TRIM. Re-start Outlook.

I've captured a record by mistake/put it in the wrong Container

Contact us with the Record Number (Expanded Number) of the document, asking for it to be moved or deleted.

I can't edit a document

There are a number of reasons why you may be unable to edit a document, including restrictions that have been placed on that document, using the WebDrawer interface, etc.

However, when using the TRIM Desktop Client, ensure you have opened the document in read-write mode by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit.

Documents don't open in Word, Excel, etc

TRIM has opened the document in its own Viewer, rather than the native application for the file type (eg .doc, .docx, etc).

To instruct TRIM to bypass the Viewer, open the Tool->Options menu and select the Viewer tab.

You will see a list of file types that use their native application for viewing. In the text box below this list, enter the file type you wish to add and click Add. You may do this for as many file types as you wish.

Note that Office 2003 and Officer 2007 files use different file types, so you will need to add the Word (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and Powerpoint (.ppt, .pptx) file types separately.