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UNSW TRIM Data Entry Standards

    Data entry standards for record titling and for Locations

TRIM Desktop Client

Note: The following are TRIM Reference files which require TRIM User Access to view. If your PC isn't a SOE, then when you receive a login prompt, please enter 'adunsw\' then followed by your zStaff ID, and Password is your zPass (not UniPass).
Working with TRIM                                                                                         
Searching TRIM
Creating records in TRIM
Revising Records
Alternatively Within & Alternatively Contains
Creating Faculty of Engineering Student Files
Navigation & Customisation
Typical TRIM Result window and its elements  
Creating Quick Access for the Commands you most often use in your Toolbar
Removing a Quick Access from your Toolbar  
Displaying Columns that you need  
Removing Columns that you don't need  
Sorting Column Ascending or Descending  
Sorting Multiple Columns Ascending and or Descending  
Displaying Fields that you need in the List Pane  
Removing Fields that you don't need in the List Pane  
Viewing electronic document and the previous revision  
Viewing multiple previous revisions
Placing records you frequently refer to in WorkTray or Favourites  
Email and TRIM
Set-up TRIM Integration with Ms Outlook Email  
Linking an Email Folder to a TRIM Electronic Folder  
Modify existing Linked Folder with different TRIM Electronic Folder No  
Remove existing Linked Folder  
Reply, Reply to All, or Forward email from TRIM  
Sending TRIM Record Reference(s) via Email
Sending a copy of TRIM electronic document(s) via Email
Searching in TRIM
Search Concepts you need to know  
Quick Search with single criteria  
Refining a search  
Filtering a search  
Search by Record Number Range  
Search by Dates  
Search by Title Word, Notes Word or Any Word
Search by Document Content
Search by Email Message Text
The difference between Search by Document Content and Search by Email Message Text  
Search by Electronic Document Type  
Search by Creator, Author or Addressee, etc  
Search by Owner Location  
Search by Assignee  
Search with multiple criteria (And Or)
Save a Record Search  
Access to Saved Search  
Produce a report from a TRIM search  
How to browse records under Classifications (19.0 seconds).
How to create a New UNSW Electronic Folder (96.3 seconds).
How to create (save) a new electronic document (eg: Word, Excel, PDF) (56.4 seconds).
How to edit an electronic document (eg: Word, Excel, PPT) (127.7 seconds).
Security and Access Control
How to apply Access Control to a record (62.6 seconds).
Contact and Organisation
How to add a New Contact (87.0 seconds).
How to add a New Organisation (53.8 seconds).

TRIM Web Client

Creating and Editing Records