Archives Reading Room Rules

All readers must ensure that they:

  • Turn mobile phones off/to silent
  • Use pencils for writing or note taking, except when completing designated forms
  • Do not remove records from the designated area
  • Do not transfer records to another researcher
  • Keep all noise to a minimum while working in the reading room
  • Do not eat or drink in the reading room
  • Do not enter “Staff Only” areas
  • Do not take bags into the reading room

Archives Care & Handling Rules

All readers are required to:

  • Handle all original items with care at all times
  • Not remove documents from bundles
  • Not disturb the order of records in which they were issued
  • Wear gloves when requested by reading room staff
  • Ensure that hands are clean, dry and free from lotions that may stain and add to the deterioration of the records; staff may request that you wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling the records
  • Not place objects on the records 
  • Not mark any record (do not trace, highlight or underline archival material)
  • Turn folios carefully one at a time, ideally from the top right-hand corner
  • Ensure that volumes are fully supported at all times; ask staff for assistance if necessary
  • Do not lean on archival records when writing
  • Do not use items such as “post-it” notes, cardboard, pens, pencils or memo pads to mark places in archival records; ask staff for paper flags
  • Report any concern to staff 
  • Report any damage such as loose or torn folios, so that they can be referred for preservation treatment

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