The UNSW Archives holds a very large number of photographs of the university from its beginnings until the present day. These photographs cover a wide range of different subjects, including the development of the Kensington campus, UNSW students and research activities, as well as images of staff.  

Photographs are available in both print and digital form. Digital photos include born digital and scanned images. It should be noted that digital photos represent only a small part of the Archives' total photographic collection. 

An easy entry point to discovering the range of photographs in the Archives is to start by looking at the photos on our website, especially the images in the Online Exhibitions section. A small selection of photographs taken of UNSW by Max Dupain during the 1960s is also available for viewing on the Digital Collections site.

If you find photos from these pages for which you would like to receive higher quality images, please fill out the Archives' Copyright form. Please include the Archives' reference number(s), which is listed under most photos. Any re-use of photos should be cited "Courtesy UNSW Archives". 
Many of the photos that were published in Uniken magazine from 1975 - 2005 are located in the Archives, as well as a selection of the images that appear in post-2005 Uniken issues. Issues of Uniken are available for viewing via the Digital Collections site. If you are seeking a photo from a particular issue of Uniken, please contact the Archives with specific date and page number references. 

Image Library 

All of the Archives' digital images have been uploaded to UNSW Marketing Services' Image Library. This database is available for searching by UNSW staff only - access is via your zid and password, using the domain "adunsw".  

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