If you are a current or past member of a UNSW club or society and have material that you are interested in donating to the Archives, we are keen to hear from you!

UNSW Archives has the responsibility for the collection and preservation of the official archival records of the university and for the provision of access to these records. The Archives also collects private papers of former staff and students and of UNSW-related organisations, including student clubs and societies.

UNSW Archives are very interested in receiving items from UNSW clubs/societies such as annual reports, AGM and committee minutes, newsletters, yearbooks, posters, pamphlets, photographs, reports, other publications and any other documents/files that that may have been produced by the club/society that are of long-term value. This can include both print and digital material. If necessary the club/society may place access restrictions on material like internal documents/files to guard confidentiality.

UNSW Archives only holds material that we believe should be retained permanently, so unfortunately we are not able to keep items of more temporary value, such as financial records.

Material that has been transferred to the Archives can be accessed by the club/society by simply making contact with the Archives and arranging an appointment to view the material. This is of particular importance for the future executive of your club/society, who may wish to learn more about its history, but will be limited by what has been deposited in the Archives.

If you hold any material relating to your club/society that you believe may be of interest to the Archives, please don’t hesitate to contact UNSW Archives. The material does not have to be old to qualify for transfer to the Archives – current items are very welcome as they will be of great value in future years.

Today’s records are tomorrow’s archives.

Have a question?

Contact the Records Team on 02 9385 2861 or email records@unsw.edu.au / Contact the Archives Team on 02 9385 2906 or email archives@unsw.edu.au

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