C. S. (Jim) Smith Caricatures Exhibition

This exhibition consists of 76 caricature sketches of university employees drawn by Charles Shuttleworth (Jim) Smith (1908 - 2001).

Mr Smith was an electrician/custodian at the university from the early 1950s until 1973. The sketches were all drawn before his retirement, so they generally consist of men who were employed at the university in the 1950s and 1960s.

The sketch of Terry Kennedy includes the remark "last opus of Jim Smith 1972", but it is unclear if this was indeed Smith's final sketch of the set, as none of the others are dated. The sketches mainly feature men who were employed in the various sections of the Property Department, but also include some who worked in the university administration. 

The sketches are framed and were originally on display in the Property Department, which later became known as Facilities Management. In 2011 the sketches were transferred to UNSW Archives by Facilities. 

C. S. (Jim) Smith (Courtesy Leonie Bedford)
C. S. (Jim) Smith (Courtesy Leonie Bedford)
Ted Andrews Electrician
Jock Arnot Cook
Norm Arrowsmith (left) & Basil Noble Carpenters
Jack Atkinson Supervisor Gardeners
Sir Philip Baxter Vice-Chancellor
Joe Bennett Joiner, Carpenters Workshop
Lynton Thomas Bond (?) Assistant Bursar
Joe Bourke Bursar
Dick Colless Carpenter
Alfred Colwill Carpenter
Dr Frank Connors Chemical Engineering
Sam Cracknell Sports & Recreation Officer
Samuel Creasey Patrol
Ted Davis Bursar
Reginald Dawes Plumber
Ted Doakes Plumber Attached to Faculty of Applied Science
Ron Egginton Gardening - Engineering Services
Robert Fletcher Business Manager
Frank Gaskell Gardener
Sylvester Gent Leading Hand Electrician
Cyril Giles Foreman Electrician
William Gray Leading Hand Carpenter
Lenny Green Sign Writer
Alan Hambly Custodian, Science Theatre
Bill Hamilton Carpenter
Colin Hickey Electricians Assistant
 Tony Jordan Leading Hand, Carpenters Workshop
Terry Kennedy Engineering Services
George King Spray Painter/ Patrol Attendant
Neville Kite Foreman Painter
Stanley Langdon Gardening
Luis ? Gardener
Godfrey Macauley Registrar
Jack McAlister Cleaning Staff
Ron Maloney Carpenter
Thomas Manly Gardener
Francis (Todd) Mealey  Foreman Painter
Jim Meares Builders Laborer
Norman Morton Painter
Sir Rupert Myers Vice-Chancellor
Dr Max Napthali Student Health
Hunter Neilson Painter
Tom Nugent Plumber, Chemical Engineering
Dennis O'Connor Spray Painter Maintenance
Kevin O'Connor Plumber
Paul O'Connor Plumber
Laurie O'Neill Assistant Bursar
Bill Phillips Builders Laborer
Professor David Phillips Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Jack Powell Foreman Carpenter
Leslie Radford Electricians Assistant
Harry Reed Custodian
Arthur Rigg Plumber
Bill Russell Electrician
Claude Sedgman Plumber
Ronald Sedgman Foreman Electrician
Ralph Bernard Shaw Plumber
Roy Shepherd Preventive Maintenance Officer/ Foreman Plumber
Bill Shields Wood Machinist
Ron Soutar Carpenter
Max Storey Joiner
Joseph Talbot Foreman Plumber
Harry Thomas Builders Laborer
Ron Tingle Engineer
Unknown Carpenter
Harry Vallance Builders Laborer attached to Plumbers
Dirk van Dyke Architect's Office
Alan Watson Supervisor Maintenance
Arthur Watson Gardening Staff
Neil Wheeler Leading Hand Electrician
George Whelan Gardening
Bill Winter Clerk of Works
Jack Wright Foreman Carpenter