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Records of UNSW Organisations

The Archives holds records of university clubs and organisations including student organisations, clubs and societies, sports clubs and voluntary organisations.
Below is a select list of the clubs and organisations that these records encompass, as well as brief histories and information on some material held.   See the Student Publications page for information on publications created by student groups.
Please contact the Archives for more details about our holdings of these records.  We generally hold far more on a group than has been included below and also hold items on many other UNSW related organisations that have not yet been added to this list.  For information on how to access the records, please see the Finding & Accessing Archives page.
If you are a current or past member of a UNSW club or society and have material that you are interested in donating to the Archives, please contact the Archives to discuss the matter.  See Transfer of UNSW Clubs and Societies' Records to UNSW Archives for more information on the deposit of these records in the Archives.
UNSW A Grade Womens' Basketball Team vs Kiwis, October 1983
(Photographer: K. Doig, UNSW Archives CN1127-14)

Accountancy Association, NSWUT


Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) Student Revue

Alumni Association(s)

CASOC - Clubs & Societies on Campus

            Aboriginal Students Association / Society
            African Students Association / Society
            ALP (Australian Labor Party) Club
            AIESEC Australia (UNSW Branch)
            Amateur Radio Society
            Architecture / Architectural Club
            Asian Students Association
            Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) Students' Society
            Australasian Union of Jewish Students - UNSW (AUJS)
            Australian Student Christian Movement (UNSW Branch)
            Aviation Society
            Baha'i Studies Society
            Biomedical Engineering Students Society
            Bridge Club (UNSWBC)
            Buddhists Society (Unibuds)
            Builders Undergraduate Society (BUGS)
            Car Club
            Catholic Community
            Chemical Engineering Undergraduates Society (CEUS)
            Chemical Technology Society
            Chinese Students Association / Club
            Chocolate Society (Choc Soc)
            Choral Society
            Christian Science Organisation
            Christian Union
            Civic Design Society
            Civil Engineering Society (CIVSOC)
            Commerce / Commerce & Economics Society
            Communist Club
            Computer Science Association / Club / Society (CSSOC)
            Country Students Club / Society / Association
            Croatian Students Society
            Debating Society (DEBSOC)
            Democratic Club
            Education Students Society
            Electrical Engineering Society (ELSOC)
            English / Julian Society
            Evangelical Union
            Food Science Association
            French Society
            Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA)
            Geographical / Geography Society
            Geological / Geology Society
            German Society
            Greenroom Society
            Hang Gliding Club (HANGSOC)
            Hellenic Society (Hell-Soc)
            Hispania Society
            Historical Society
            Hong Kong Students Association / Society
            House at Pooh Corner Parents Club
            Indonesian Students Association
            Industrial Relations Association / Society
            Inklings Collective
            International Socialist Club
            Justice Club
            KINO UNSW Film Society
            Latin American Women's Collective
            Law Revue Society
            Law Society (LAWSOC)
            Lebanese Students Association
            Liberal Students Club
            Malaysian Students Organisation
            Marketing Society
            Mathematics / Mathematical Society
            Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Society (MECHSOC)
            Medical Revue Society
            Medical Society
            Mining Society
            Motorcycle Club
            Muslim Students Association / Society
            Naval Architectural / Architects Students Association (NASA)
            Navigators Society
            New College Students Society
            Ngunnagan Club
            Optometry Students Society
            Organisation of Planning Students (OOPS)
            Part-Time Students Association
            Photographic (Interests) Club / Society
            Physics (Students) Society
            Politics & International Relations Students Association (POLISOC)
            Psychology Society
            Real Students Club
            Resistance Club
            Scientia (Society for History & Philosophy of Science)
            Singapore Students Association (SSA)
            Social Work Students Association / Society
            Socialist Youth Alliance
            Sociology Society
            Socratic Society
            Spanish & Latin American Studies Association
            Speleogical Society
            Sri Lanka Students Association
            Stockmarket Club
            Students for Christ
            Students of Chemistry Society (SOCS)
            Students of Landscape Architecture (SOLA)
            Students for Australian Independence
            Surveying Society
            Textile Technology Society
            Third World Awareness
            Undergraduate Society of Engineers
            Union of the Vietnamese Students in Australia
            United Malaysian Students Association
            UNSW Union of Jewish Students (NUJS)
            Vietnamese Students Association / Society
            Women's Collective
            Wool & Pastoral Science Students Association (WAPSSA)

College of Fine Arts (COFA) Students Association

Computer Users Society (CUS)


LIME: The UNSW Orchestra & The Wind Symphony

Monomeeth Association


Senior Common Room / University Club (Staff Club)

Society for Social Responsibility in Science

Sports Association

            Aikido Club
            Archery Club
            Athletics Club
            AFL Club
            Badminton Club
            Baseball / Softball Club
            Basketball Club
            Boxing Club
            Bushwalkers' Club
            Canoe Club
            Cricket Club
            Cycling Club
            Fencing Club
            Golf Club
            Hockey Club
            Judo Club
            Karate / Budokan Club
            Kendo Club
            Martial Arts Club
            Netball Club
            Rifle Club
            Rowing / Boat Club
            Rugby Union Football Club
            Sailboarding / Boardsailing Club
            Sailing (Social) Club
            Ski Club
            Soccer / Football Club
            Squash Club
            Table Tennis Club
            Taekwondo Club
            Taido Club
            Tennis Club
            Touch Club
            Ultimate Frisbee Club
            Underwater Club
            Volleyball Club
            Water Polo Club
            Waterski / Waterski & Wakeboard Club

Students' Union / Student Guild, UNSW

U Committee

U Too Group

University Union

Wives / Women's Group

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