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Offsite Storage of Records

Grace Information & Records Management are the University's current preferred supplier of offsite storage.


The Records and Archives Office can arrange for offsite storage of records for University units. The procedure for this process is:

  1. Contact the Records Office with a listing* of the records to be stored offsite.
    Boxes can be supplied free of charge to assist with preparing records for storage.
  2. The Records Office will help determine which records need to retained and for how long.
    This is an important step in clarifying; firstly, that there is a need to retain all of the records transferred and secondly, in identifying exactly how long they need to be kept for so as to not enter into an open-ended storage arrangement.
  3. The Records Office will then arrange for an account to be setup with Grace to allow for direct client invoicing.
  4. The Records Office will then arrange for capture of the boxes into the recordkeeping systems of both UNSW and Grace, including labelling.
  5. Once labelled and prepared for transfer, the Records Office will arrange for collection by Grace agents.
  6. Once transfer is complete, Records Office staff will provide instruction in how to access the Grace online order system to monitor and request records held in storage.
  7. The Records Office can also arrange for retrieval of records held.
  8. Client units will receive a monthly invoice for storage costs directly from Grace.

*Your listing should include a brief description of the Records, the date range applicable to the contents and any other qualifying information you feel is relevant. Please refer here to download a Template to assist you in creating this Listing.