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How do I get RAMS?

For individual users

Installing RAMS is a 2-part process which generally takes 1-2 days. Managers may arrange for installation and account setup prior to the arrival of new staff members.

1. You will need to have the RAMS software installed on your computer.
All software installations at UNSW are managed by IT Services. To have RAMS installed on your machine, please raise a service request and include your name, zID and computer name.
To find your computer name, click the Start button on your desktop and select Devices and Printers from the right-hand side column. A new window will open which will show your computer’s components.
2. Records staff will create an account for you in RAMS.
Email with your request and include your name, position title, and zID. Please cc your manager to indicate their approval. We will contact you when the account has been created.

When you access the desktop client for the first time, you will need to manually change some settings. Our guide outlines this process.

Mac users

The RAMS desktop client is only available on Windows machines. Access to RAMS for Apple desktop and laptop users is available through the RAMS web client.
To access the web client, you will need to have a valid RAMS user account. See step 2 under “For individual users new to RAMS” for more information.
When you access the web client for the first time, you will need to manually change some settings. Our Web Client Quick Start Guide outlines this process.

For business units

If your business unit is interested in integrating RAMS into your workflows, contact us to discuss your requirements. We will follow up by arranging a meeting to discuss how RAMS can contribute to your work.

After this assessment, we will create an Implementation Plan. This is a collaborative process where you will have opportunities to give feedback or refine your requirements.

This may include:

The majority of the activation process will be done by us behind the scenes and we will notify you when this process is complete.