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How do I use RAMS?

Learning how to manage records with RAMS

If you have used TRIM (either at UNSW, or at other organisations where it may be known as Records Manager or Content Manager), you will find using RAMS to be a very similar experience. Our Quick Start Guide introduces the RAMS interface.

Records & Archives offers in-person training to individuals or groups on the Kensington Campus in 107 Morven Brown (C20). Please contact us at to express your interest.  Sessions will be held from 9:30 AM -11:30 AM on the following dates:

Online Training

Our online training modules cover common activities users undertake in the desktop client.

The most comprehensive module requires a time committment of 20 minutes and introduces how to do everyday recordkeeping tasks in RAMS .

For staff who want to learn how to perform specific actions the following modules have been extracted from the comprehensive module:

A separate guide to the web client is also available (duration: 20 minutes).

Top 5 recommendations for new starters: