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Electronic Recordkeeping

Electronic records are any documents or records created, communicated and maintained by means of electronic equipment. They include, but are not limited to, Word and Excel documents, electronic mail, computer-based diaries, appointment books and calendars, electronic organisers, and databases.

The principles of managing electronic records are no different to those of managing paper records. Records must be created, captured and maintained in a manner that ensures their ongoing integrity and retrievability for as long as they are required to meet the business and accountability requirements of the University.

Electronic records must remain available, accessible, retrievable and useable for as long as a business need exists and as long as legislative, policy and archival requirements exist. To understand your responsibilities for managing email, particularly email messages that need to be saved and kept as records, please see this NSW State Records' online module.

HP TRIM Electronic Recordkeeping Project

Since 2009, the University has progressively introduced digital information management capability through the deployment of the TRIM recordkeeping system.

A significant number of Divisions and Units now have the ability to capture University records in digital format, including integration with Office applications.

This process is an ongoing one, managed by the Records and Archives Office, who are able to provide complete support for digital recordkeeping implementations. For more information, please contact the Records Manager.